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Yeti and Bigfoot Costumes

Yeti & Bigfoot Costumes

Have you thought of dressing up in a Bigfoot costume for Halloween, a costume party or to pull a prank on a good friend?

Bigfoot and the Abominable Snowman are the stuff of legends, mystery and lore. Though there hasn’t been any conclusive evidence to prove their existence, we can’t help but be fascinated by tales of the Sasquatch and of the Yeti. Bigfoot and the Yeti have fascinated the world enough to spark several movies and novels about their existence.

If you’re fascinated by Bigfoot or the Abominable Snowman and want to dress up for Halloween then you’ll find a great selection of Yeti and Bigfoot costumes on this page as well as some interesting Bigfoot and Yeti facts.

The Legend of Bigfoot

Natives in North America have told stories of a ‘wild man’ for hundreds of years. The details of these stories varies from tribe to tribe and the characterization ranges from ‘gentle giant’ to ‘fearsome monster’. Most have the utmost respect for this creature and view him as a sort of bridge between the animal world and humankind. Some believe the creature to be an actual animal living deep in the forest and others believe the Sasquatch lives in another dimension but can appear in our dimension at will.

During the late 1950s the legend of Bigfoot became popular through a series of sensationalized magazine articles. From this point forward people have been determined to find proof of Bigfoot and the search has sparked countless hoaxes. Over the past half century there have been grainy videos, blurry images and false footprints all hoping to convince the public of the existence of the mighty Sasquatch.

Many wonder why there hasn’t been any conclusive evidence if the creature does indeed exist. Others believe it is only a matter of time. But whether or not Bigfoot is real, one cannot deny that he makes for a captivating story.

Bigfoot Costume

Bigfoot Costumes for Adults

 Adult Bigfoot Costume – One Size

Prowl the forest in this realistic looking Bigfoot costume. It’s up to you to capture your own blurry images.

This fantastic Bigfoot costume includes a hairy, plush bodysuit that closes with ties. The outfit includes the Sasquatch face mask and ape-like hands and feet. The costume is one size fits all but, based on customer reviews, if you are over 6 feet then you may find it’s a little short.

 Adult Hairy Sasquatch Costume

If you want to dress up as this legendary beast then this is a great costume option. This Sasquatch costume comes with a hairy jumpsuit that closes in the back with a zipper. The outfit also includes a latex Sasquatch mask, latex hands and latex feet.

Video: The Best of Bigfoot in Images and Film

What do you think? Is Bigfoot real?

Bigfoot vs Sasquatch vs Yeti: What is the Difference?

Bigfoot and Sasquatch are synonymous terms. Both refer to the same legendary (or perhaps mythical?) beast that has been often reported throughout North America, in both Canada and the US, particularly along the Pacific Coast. Bigfoot is described as being between six and eight feet tall, covered in brown fur with a half human, half ape appearance.

The Yeti, or Abominable Snowman, is a creature of legend said to occupy the Himalayan mountains in Nepal and Tibet. Yetis are covered in white fur to blend in with their snowy surroundings and have visible canine teeth. Like the sasquatch, they walk upright. The term ‘Yeti’ comes from a combination of the Tibetan words for ‘rocky’ and ‘dread’ indicating that the yeti is a dreaded creature existing in a rocky place. Stories about the yeti have circulated since the early 1800s although many have been exaggerated through the course of translation between the Tibetan and English languages.

Yeti Costumes

Adult Yeti Costumes

 Abominable Snowman Adult Yeti Costume

Prowl the mountains as the Abominable snowman in this excellent Yeti costume. The white plush bodysuit includes inflatable shoulders to give you that hunched menacing posture. The costume also includes the Yeti mask, hands and feet.

The outfit is one size fits all but based on customer reviews this outfit easily fits all body types including tall or plus size adults.

 Scary Adult Yeti Costume With Fangs and Claws

This yeti costume is very scary and detailed and totally awesome. It’s decribed as a ‘women’s costume’ but aside from the obvious need of a manicure I’m not sure what makes this a women’s costume since it is also described as ‘one size fits all’. Personally I think this is a gender neutral costume.

The four-piece outfit includes a furry jumpsuit, an eerily detailed latex mask with sharp fangs, a pair of detailed latex gloves with claws and latex feet. If you have a latex allergy then this is not the costume for you. But for everyone else, this costume is rockin’.

Humorous Big Foot Costume

 Humorous ‘Big Foot’ Costume

If you think it’s all a big joke then you’ll love this Big Foot costume – it’s a giant foot! You can be Bigfoot in every sense of the word in this giant 100% polyester foot costume. The foot is 3.5 feet tall and 12.5 inches wide. This is a tunic-style costume and there are holes for your legs, arms and a cutout for your face beneath the toes. One size fits all.

Build Your Own Yeti or Bigfoot Costume

If you’d rather make your own costume then here are a few DIY ideas:

  • DIY Bigfoot Suit. Make a costume from either a faux fur coat or vintage (aka recycled) fur. This is a great option for anyone who’s inherited Aunt Polly’s fur coat but doesn’t know what to do with it now that real fur isn’t PC. The video is pretty good and very informative.
  • DIY Bigfoot Feet, Hands and Face. This tutorial picks up where the previous one left off and creates these costume parts for $30. The video does take a while to get to the point and the tutorial begins at 1:40.
  • DIY Bigfoot Costume Idea – Another Way. Although the video is a bit slow this tutorial provides another interesting way to create a Bigfoot costume using a jumpsuit, cedar chips and spray paint. It looks pretty realistic too.

Have a Scary Halloween!

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