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Cthulhu Costumes for Halloween

Cthulhu Costumes for Halloween

The Great Old Ones may lay dormant underneath the sea in R’lyeh but it’s time for them to awaken. Cthulhu Costumes for Halloween are a great way to spark fear and awe into mankind (or at least your fellow party-goers).

If you’re a fan of H.P. Lovecraft and his Cthulhu Mythos then why not dress up as this dreaded and revered creature for Halloween?

Did you know that Lovecraft intended the name Cthulhu to be pronounced ‘Kuh-loo-loo’? Nowadays in cosplay and in general discussion it is most often pronounced ‘Kuh-thoo-loo’.

Cthulhu is described as looking part giant, part dragon and part octopus with a pair of rudimentary wings. Since this description is general and somewhat vague it is really open to interpretation and your creativity. You can create an awesome Cthulhu Halloween costume using ready-made supplies or make one from scratch.

I hear the call of the Cthulhu!

Piece Together Awesome Cthulhu Costumes for Halloween

While there may not be any head-to-toe ready made Cthulhu costumes available there are some pretty rockin’ accessories that you can buy to create an amazing Cthulhu costume. You may want to start off with dark green clothing and a full length hooded cape. Then you can add a mask, tentacles, hands and feet.

Cthulhu Masks

Cthulhu Ski Mask

The Cthulhu ski mask is handmade with 20% egg protein 80% acrylic yarn which is guaranteed to be comfortable and not itchy. The mask is one size fits all but will fit most adult men.

You will look awesome in this hat but if you’re going to spend most of your time indoors at a party then you may get hot since it is an outdoor hat. You will also have to lift up the tentacles to drink or eat. But, if you’re taking your kids out trick-or-treating, or staying home and scaring the #@&% out of the neighborhood kids then this would be a great Cthulhu face.

Inflatable Cthulu Beard

The inflatable Cthulhu beard is another fun Cthulhu costume option for Halloween. The inflatable Cthulhu tentacle beard is made out of vinyl, has breathing holes and is held in place with loops that go over your ears. You will need to remove this accessory in order to eat or drink.

Cthulhu Tentacles and Appendages

Inflatable Cthulu Tentacle Arm

The inflatable Cthulhu tentacle arm will help you strike fear into the hearts of your fellow party-goers. Imaging sneaking up behind someone and wrapping your three foot long, seven inch round tentacle around them? The possibilities are endless….

Another great addition for your costume would be a pair of latex lizard monster feetand a webbed sea creature glove for your tentacle-free hand. The best part is you can re-use these costumes accessories next year when you get dressed up as the Creature From the Black Lagoon.

Sexy Cthulhu Costume Ideas

If you’re a women dressing up as Cthulhu then you can either go the traditional scary route or you can put together a sexy Cthulhu costume.

Sexy Dragon Fairy Costume

The sexy Dragon Fairy costume is a great starting point for your costume. Then you can either make a tentacle mask or even just clip in some green hair extensions and skip the mask.

Add dramatic green smokey eyes to finish your sexy Cthulhu costume:

DIY Cthulhu Costumes

If you’re looking to make parts of the Cthulhu costume (or even the whole costume) yourself then here are some tutorials to spark your inspiration:

How to Make a Cthulhu Mask: Create a Cthulhu half mask with tentacles that will allow you to see, drink and speak with ease.

Make a Cthulhu Inspired Headpiece: Create a paper mache Cthulhu-like monster mask with velvet tentacles.

And if you have the time to make you own Cthulhu Halloween costume from scratch, check out this awesome homemade Cthulhu latex suit tutorial:

Featured Image: Cthulhu by doctorserone via Flickr, used under CC 2.0.

Updated: May 8, 2015

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