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Buddy Dinosaur Train Costumes for Kids

Dinosaur Train Costumes for Kids

Dinosaur Train costumes for kids are a fun idea for children who love the tv series Dinosaur Train. Jim Henson, producer of many popular kids shows and movies including the Muppets, Fraggle Rock and Sesame Street, is the producer of the Dinosaur Train.

The show revolves around Buddy, a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and his adoptive Pteranodon family including siblings Tiny, Shiny and Don. Each episode they take a ride on the Dinosaur Train and learn fun facts about other species of dinosaurs throughout the Mesozoic Era. The train can even go through magical time tunnels to visit dinosaurs belonging to different time periods.

If a Dinosaur Train costume sounds like a great idea for your child then there are ready-made Buddy and Tiny costumes to choose from. Unfortunately there aren’t any official Shiny or Don costumes.

Another idea is to buy a set of Pteranodon wings and build your own costume.

Dinosaur Train ‘Buddy’ Costume

Buddy the Tyrannosaurus was adopted by the Pteranodon family while still in the egg. Because he can’t fly he is carried by his adoptive parents or siblings whenever they need to fly somewhere. He’s naturally curious and likes to ask questions.

Buddy Dinosaur Train Halloween CostumeBuddy Dinosaur Train Halloween Costume

The Buddy Halloween costume is a three-piece outfit that includes a jumpsuit, headpiece and shoe covers. The jumpsuit has a zipper up the front, attached tail and T. Rex claws that cover the hand. The headpiece secures under the chin with Velcro and Buddy’s face (including the trademark blue diamond markings) sit atop the head. The shoe covers have white dinosaur claws attached.

Available for small children in Medium (3 – 4) and Large (4 – 6).

Dinosaur Train ‘Tiny’ Pteranodon Costume

Tiny Pteranodon is a young female pterosaur loves to rhyme. Of all her siblings she looks the most like their mother. Despite being the smallest she is very confidant and outgoing often introducing her family members when they meet a new dinosaur.

Tiny Pteranodon Dinosaur Train Costumes for Kids

The Tiny Pteranodon costume for toddlers includes the jumpsuit, hood and shoe covers. The jumpsuit zips up the front, has an attached tail, claws over the hands and wings that your child can flap. The headpiece secured under the chin with Velcro and Tiny’s head sits on top of your child’s head. The shoe covers have white dinosaur claws and are elasticized to ensure a secure fit.

Available in Medium (3T – 4T) and Large (4T – 6T). As with the Buddy costume be sure to check out the sizing chart at Amazon to ensure a good fit.

Build Your Own Dinosaur Train Costumes for Kids

If your child wants to be one of the other characters, such as Shiny or Don, then you will have to make your own costume since there are no official costumes for these characters. You could also make your own Buddy or Tiny costume if you are creative and have the time.

To make it easier to put your costume together you could buy a pair of ready-made Pteranodon wings and a pair of dinosaur feet.

If you’re making your Dinosaur Train costume from scratch then you may want to check out the following tutorials:

  • DIY Dinosaur Train costumes and Train. This blog post explains how one woman created Buddy and Shiny costume for her kids, a Mrs. Pteranodon costume for herself and a conductor costume for her husband. They turned their little red wagon into the Dinosaur Train for trick-or-treating.
  • Dinosaur Train ‘Buddy’ Costume Pattern Downloads. There are Buddy patterns available for download at the PBS kids website. There is a pattern for 3 – 4 year-olds and 5 year-olds as well as a no-sew pattern.

    If your kids love the dinosaur train then they may enjoy the games, fun facts and free printable coloring pages at the Dinosaur Train official website.

    Featured Image: Buddy Dinosaur Train costume from Amazon

Updated: April 17, 2016


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