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Satyr Costumes: Let the ‘Faun’ Begin!

Faun and satyr costumes are a fun idea for Halloween, costume parties and cosplay. Satyrs and fauns are mythical creatures that have been featured in art, sculptures and in fantastic tales for thousands of years. Often associated with women, wine and music, you could say they are the original party animals.

If you are looking to transform into a faun or satyr, then there are three options: you can buy a ready-made costume, you can piece together a costume with faun accessories, or you can build a satyr costume from scratch.

On this page you’ll find whimsical or scary satyr costume sets, great faun accessories, makeup tutorials and some fun faun and satyr facts.

Grab your pipes and party on!

What is the Difference Between Fauns and Satyrs?

Satyrs and Fauns in Art

Satyrs and Fauns in Art

Satyrs were originally a creation of Greek origin. The first incarnations were very different in appearance from what we have come to expect today. They had the body of a man but had pointed ears and a full beard, their heads were adorned with a wreath of vines, and they had long horse-like tails.

Their nature was brutish, they were lecherous and ugly, yet very knowledgeable. Because of their lecherous nature they were associated with fertility and a great many pieces of ancient art featuring satyrs are very phallic in nature. Satyrs were followers of Dionysus, the Greek god of wine and indulgence.

Fauns, on the other hand, were of Roman origin. These creatures had the torso of a man, pointed ears, and the horns and hind legs of a goat. They had a carefree disposition and are often described as playfully chasing nymphs through the forest. They love wine and music, especially the panpipes. Fauns are associated with Bacchus, the Roman equivalent of Dionysus.

Over time the terms ‘faun’ and ‘satyr’ have merged and are mostly synonymous, although the definition and character traits as we know them are closer to the Roman definition of faun.

Ready-To-Order Adult Satyr Costumes

Smiffy’s 3 Piece Pan Faun / Satyr Costume

This three piece costume includes brown furry trousers that mimic a digitigrade stance and include suspenders. The outfit also includes matching furry shoe covers and a wig with horns and ears. Based on customer reviews the wig may run a little small. But you can always order additional horns and ears or make your own.

Piece Together Your Own Faun and Satyr Costumes

There are some really amazing costume parts that you can combine to create your own version of the legendary faun or satyr.

 Faun / Satyr Legs (Hooves Not Included) Faun / Satyr Hooves

The satyr legs by Zagone Studios are a great looking affordably priced option. They are one sized fits all. Do note that although pictured the hooves are not included and must be purchased separately.

The hooves are rubber in front with fur on top. They are designed to fit over your shoe and are held in place with elastic. Fits up to shoe size 13.

 Pan Satyr Horns Costume Ram Horns

Horns are the next thing you need for your costume. There are many styles available and these are two of my favorites. The ‘Pan’ Satyr horns are lightweight and durable. Handcrafted with custom colored polymer clay they attach via a soft brown nylon cord that you can thread under your hair or wig (if using).

For a more dramatic effect you may want to purchase a pair of curled and textured ram horns. Do note that the costume is not included with the horns (although it does give great costume inspiration – love that jacket!).

 Faun / Satyr Ears Goat Mask with Ears and Horns

Finally you’ll need a pair of elongated faun or satyr ears. These costume grade latex ears are powdered with hypoallergenic baby powder. They measure 4.5 inches from end to end. The ears are light in color and the manufacturer suggests coloring them to match your exact skin tone. It is recommended that you don’t use mineral oil based make-up but purchase RMG rubber mask grease paint. Affix your prosthetic ears using spirit gum or liquid latex.

If you’d rather not buy your facial features separately, consider a one piece goat mask that includes the ears and horns with the creepy face.

Bamboo Pan Flute – Satyr Costume Accessory

A really cool optional costume accessory is a pan flute, especially if you intend to dress up as the Greek God Pan. Add a string to these pan pipes and you can wear them as part of your costume.

Clothing Ideas to Dress up Your Satyr Costume

There are many ways to dress up your faun costume.

Guys can go topless (weather permitting of course), wear a t-shirt, or a renaissance style shirt with or without a vest.

Ladies can wear a tank top or t-shirt, or any type of flowing renaissance style clothing is also very effective. You can wear a blouse with or without a corset or vest and you may want to accessorize with a floral wreath headband.

If the classic Renaissance style isn’t your thing, then you could add clothing and accessories to create a more modern or alternative looking faun costume:

  • Goth
  • Punk
  • Shaman
  • Cowboy/girl
  • Space age
  • Robot
  • Caveman/woman

The possibilities are endless so have fun with it!

Satyr & Faun Makeup Tutorials

Your costume isn’t complete without some funky makeup. Here are some awesome ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Video 1: Faun make-up – a contoured look with bronze, gold and copper tones. Looks really beautiful.

Video 2: Fawn make-up inspired by Katy Perry’s “E.T.” music video.

Video 3: Scary satyr make-up from an artist who specializes in theatrical make-up. Tutorial starts at 1:10.

Video 4: Pan’s Labyrinth faun make-up tutorial.

Video 5: Midnight fantasy make-up tutorial. Perfect for fairies and fauns.

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If you’d like to make your costume from scratch check out DIY Faun and Satyr Costumes


1) Faun playing pipes adapted from a collage by Gideon Wright, used under CC 2.0
2) Satyr on terracotta pottery circa 350BC. Photo by Marie-Lan Nguyen, used under CC 2.5
3) Venus Riding a Satyr by Dirck de Quade van Ravesteyn, 1602 – 1608. Public Domain image.


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