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Nevermore: Raven Costumes for Women and Men

Raven costumes are a great option for Halloween, a costume party or Mardi Gras.

Ravens have fascinated people throughout history and were made famous in Edgar Allan Poe’s dark tale The Raven.

If you would like to dress up as a raven this year, there are many fabulous costume options.

Raven Costumes for Women: There are several ready-made raven costumes to choose from including Queen Ravenna, a Victorian raven costume and several sexy raven costumes with full length dresses. If you would rather piece together your own costume I’ve got some ideas for you and links to some awesome tutorials. There’s also a very beautiful and dramatic raven make-up tutorial to help you create an impressive look.

Raven Costumes for Men: There’s one fun and silly ready-made raven costume that’s pretty cool or you can piece together your own raven costume: choose a fitted black t-shirt, faux leather pants, raven mask and wings. I’ve gone shopping for you and selected a few of the sexiest options.

Cute Couples Costume Idea: One of you could dress up as the raven and the other could be Edgar Allan Poe.

Women’s Raven Costumes

{Ready Made Costumes}

Deluxe Queen Ravenna Costume – Dress with Feather Collar

When you think about raven costumes Queen Ravenna, the evil stepmother from Snow White and the Huntsman, comes to mind. The movie itself wasn’t that great but Ravenna was a very intriguing character with her superhuman strength, her habit of bathing in milk and her ability to transform herself into a flock of ravens.

The deluxe Queen Ravenna costume features a long black sequinned dress with mesh sleeves and a feathered collar that is designed to stand upright. Ravenna’s silver fingertips, dagger and crown are available for purchase separately. The costume is available in small (2-6), medium (6-10) and large (10-14).

Victorian Raven CostumeWomen’s Ravishing Raven Burlesque Costume

The sexy Victorian raven costume is another great option. The outfit includes the black and blue dress (laces up the front), choker and hat. Gloves, tights and shoes sold separately. You can wear the costume as is, or you could add a pair of wings or a raven mask. This outfit also makes a great showgirl or saloon girl costume so you can reuse it for future events.

The ravishing raven costume includes a black corset top that laces up the back and is decorated with feathers at the bust, a feathered sleeve top and a glittery purple and black tulle skirt. The costume is available in small, medium, large and extra-large. The Black feathered hat with veil and stuffed Crow is available for purchase separately.

Midnight Raven Corset Costume for WomenMidnight Raven Corset Costume for Women


This detailed costume looks awesome. The menacing outfit includes a full length dress with jagged multi-level skirt and stand-up collar, a lace-up corset with button detailing down the front, elegant detachable wings and a feathered hat with raven’s beak. Available in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes.

Raven Mistress CostumeRaven Mistress Costume


The Raven Mistress dress costume is another alluring option. The outfit includes a floor-length mermaid-style black gown and feather-inspired shrug with flowing strands of tulle at the sleeves to give the impression of wings. The floral headpiece with raven skull detail is also included. The necklace, bracelet and Raven prop must be purchased separately. Available in small, medium and large sizes.

{DIY Raven Costumes for Women}

There are lots of great options when fashioning your own raven costume.


  • Catsuit. A faux leather or rubber-look catsuit is a great base for your raven costume. Very alluring and sexy.
  • Bodysuit and Leggings. A black bodysuit and a pair of leggings also make a great raven costume base and are a wonderful addition to any wardrobe so you’ll be able to wear them long after Halloween.
  • Corset. A beautiful black corset with a tulle skirt makes for a wonderful burlesque-inspired raven costume.
  • Steampunk attire. A flowing black corset top over a sateen brocade skirt provides the basis for a steampunk-inspired raven costume.


To make you’re raven costume pop you’ll need a pair of black feathered wings. Then you need to decide whether you want a raven mask, a masquerade half mask with feathers or if you’ll apply dramatic make-up instead (tutorial video further on). If you like you could further accessorize your costume with artificial ravens or crows.

Black Venetian Mask with FeathersBlack Raven Costume Wings

Raven Costume Tutorials:

  • No Sew Raven Costume. This tutorial, courtesy of Martha Stewart, includes a template and shows you how to make a feathered bib, bustle and beak.
  • DIY Dramatic Raven Costume. I just love this look by A Glamour Affair. This tutorial shows you how to make a raven feather capelet and includes both hair and make-up ideas.
  • Last Minute Raven Costume.This is a child’s costume but I think it would easily translate into an adult costume and may be just the thing if you’re short on time. All you need is a black hoodie, a feathered boa and some stiff black felt. They’ve used googly eyes but for a more adult look you could either sew or glue some sequins or rhinestones for the eyes.

{Raven Makeup}

I love this tutorial! The eyes are so dramatic. You can replicate this entire look or just pick and choose a few elements from it. If you don’t want to wear a mask then she shows you how to turn your nose into a beak with makeup.

Raven Costumes

Raven Lore

Ravens are very clever birds surrounded by superstition and myth. Larger than the common crow, ravens can live up to 30 years and have a wingspan over 1 meter. Because they feed on carrion – and love to pick the eyes out of corpses – they have become a symbol of death. They have a keen sense of smell that is drawn to rotting flesh. They have a deep and haunting voice that sounds like they’re saying ‘corpse, corpse’. As a harbinger of death it is believed that if an ill person sees a raven then they will not recover.

In Norse tradition the god Odin kept two ravens and used them to spy on people. In some cultures it is believed that the raven can fly between this world and the afterlife. It is also believed that ravens can be inhabited by a human soul and that the raven is also a disguise for the Devil.

But not all superstitions are negative. In Welsh tradition, if a blind person is kind to a raven then they’re sight may be restored.

Raven Costumes for Women and Men

Raven Costumes for Men

Adult Men’s Raven Costume

The raven (or crow) costume is a fun an goofy costume that will be lots of Halloween fun. The outfit includes a black tunic that has rounded fabric rows to create a feathered look, it includes a tail and ‘wing’ sleeves. The outfit comes with a matching headpiece that has a felt beak and eyes. Available in standard and extra-large sizes.

{Put Together Your Own Raven Costume}

Your raven costume begins with a black shirt and black pants. There are many sexy styles of shirts and pants to choose from. Here are my favorite selections:

Skinny Fit Long Sleeve Black T-ShirtMen’s Black Faux Leather Pants

A tight fitted shirt is always alluring. The Doublju men’s long sleeve shirt is 100% cotton. The sizes to run small so you’ll want to order one or two sizes larger than usual.

These faux leather pants are awesome and very sexy. They will look great for your raven costume and there’s so much more you can do with them too. They’re perfect for every day use, or you can use them for next Halloween and be a biker, rock star or one of Anne Rice’s rock n’ roll vampires from her popular series The Vampire Chronicles.

Black Raven Costume WingsVenetian Long Nose Raven Mask

Finish off your costume with a pair of black wings and a long nose masquerade mask.

The black feathered fashion wings are unisex and can be worn with the wings pointing up or down. Wear them this year and be a raven, and next year you can wear them again and be a fallen angel.

The long nose Venetian mask is made of paper mache and does a great job creating a raven look. You can wear it as is or embellish it with metallic paint.

Scary Raven Mask with Moving Beak

If you’d rather go with a spookier option then this ravenous raven mask is for you. The mask has a movable beak that wiggles as you talk and while you can see through the pupils no one can see your eyes. Very spooky!

Happy Halloween!

1) Featured image courtesy of Pixabay.
2) Raven Close-Up, Public Domain Image from Pixabay
3) Perched Raven, Public Domain Image from Pixabay

Updated: October 17, 2017


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