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Egyptian Goddess Costumes

Sexy Egyptian Goddess Costumes

Egyptian goddess costumes are a very sexy option for Halloween or an Egyptian themed costume party. You can take any Cleopatra or Egyptian Queen costume to create your goddess look. On this page you’ll find ready-made Egyptian Goddess costumes as well as some DIY options. You will learn more about the individual Egyptian Goddesses in […]

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Yeti and Bigfoot Costumes

Yeti & Bigfoot Costumes

Have you thought of dressing up in a Bigfoot costume for Halloween, a costume party or to pull a prank on a good friend? Bigfoot and the Abominable Snowman are the stuff of legends, mystery and lore. Though there hasn’t been any conclusive evidence to prove their existence, we can’t help but be fascinated by […]

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How to Make Glitter Pumpkins Tutorial

How to Make Glitter Pumpkins

Whether you don’t have time to carve a pumpkin, you don’t like the mess of pumpkin carving or you just want to do something different for Halloween, decorating a pumpkin with glitter is easy and gorgeous. It’s also a great craft idea for both adults and kids.  One great advantage of decorating vs carving pumpkins […]

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Voodoo Rituals - Voodoo Costumes

Voodoo Costumes: Make or Buy a Voodoo Priestess, Witch Doctor or Voodoo Doll Costume

Voodoo costumes are a popular option for Halloween and Mardi Gras. Although Voodoo originated thousands of years ago as a religious practice, elements have infiltrated pop culture and taken on a life of their own. Voodoo costumes are commonly based on pop culture rather than religion. On this page and the more specialized related pages […]

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Voodoo Doll Costume

Voodoo Doll Costumes

Do you fancy dressing up in a Voodoo doll costume this Halloween? There are many variations on the typical voodoo doll attire including dresses, catsuits and lots of cool DIY options. On this page you’ll learn a bit more about Voodoo dolls, find some cool costume ideas and some fun make-up tutorials. Voodoo Dolls Contrary […]

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