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Yeti and Bigfoot Costumes

Yeti & Bigfoot Costumes

Have you thought of dressing up in a Bigfoot costume for Halloween, a costume party or to pull a prank on a good friend? Bigfoot and the Abominable Snowman are the stuff of legends, mystery and lore. Though there hasn’t been any conclusive evidence to prove their existence, we can’t help but be fascinated by […]

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Toddler and Baby Elephant Costumes

Baby and Toddler Elephant Costumes

Elephants are the largest land-dwelling mammals on the planet. Naturally kids are fascinated with them because of their incredible size. Baby and toddler elephant costumes are a fun idea for Halloween. Your little one would have so much fun stomping around as an elephant while trick-or-treating. In fact, they may not want to take their […]

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