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Toddler & Baby Octopus Costumes

Toddler & Baby Octopus Costumes

Toddler and baby octopus costumes are a cute idea for Halloween. Whether your child is walking, crawling or too young to be doing either, there are several cute octopus costumes that you can buy online or you could opt to make your own.

Octopuses (or is that octopi?) have a large bulbous head that they use to propel themselves through the water. Their eight tentacles trail behind them unless they are using them to crawl along the seabed. The octopus have suction cups on the underside of their arms to help keep hold of their prey.

Most octopuses have the chameleon-like ability to change their color to blend in with their surroundings. They can even change the texture of their skin to blend in with rocks. When they are scared most octopuses will turn white before escaping through a cloud of black ink.

When a baby octopus is born it is smaller than your finger nail and is referred to as ‘larvae’. Baby octopuses swim up to the ocean’s surface to feed on plankton and grow. As they get bigger they are called ‘hatchlings’ and return to the ocean depths.

Check out these cool toddler and baby octopus Halloween costumes for your little hatchling.

Buy Toddler & Baby Octopus Costumes

Princess Paradise Infant Ocean Octopus Outfit:

Princess Paradise Baby Octopus Costume

The toddler and baby octopus costume by Princess Paradise is made with a blue-green patterned bodysuit with tentacles suspended near the neck and shoulders. The tentacles are made with a textured blue fabric on the top and polka dotted fabric on the underside to mimic suction cups. The headpiece secures under the chin and has bulbous cartoon eyes on the top.

The costume comes as you see it. If you are going out trick-or-treating then you will need to put a long-sleeve shirt and pants or tights on underneath (preferable in similar colors) to keep your little one warm.

Available in baby and toddler sizes: 6-12 months, 12-18 months, 18 months-2T.

Deluxe Baby and Toddler Octopus Halloween Costume:

Deluxe Infant Octopus Costume

The deluxe infant octopus costume by Rubies Costume Co is a jumpsuit style costume with two zippers at the arms to help with dressing. The hood has an elastic trim to keep it snug around your child’s face. The stuffed tentacles have little white ‘tags’ up and down the sizes to mimic suction cups.

Available in three sizes for babies and toddlers: Newborn (0-6 months), Infant (6-12 months) and Toddler (H: 35-39″, Waist: 22-24″).

This is an absolutely adorable costume but before deciding to buy it’s a good idea to think about the logistics. First, there are no leg snaps so diaper changes will take a little more time. Second, owing to the placement of tentacles this costume may be a bit challenging to fit into a stroller or car seat. One way to get around this is to put on the costume once you’ve arrived at your destination. For trick-or-treating you may need to carry your infant if you can’t fit them into the stroller.

InCharacter Tiny Tentacles Costume:

Tiny Tentacles Baby Octopus Costume

The Tiny Tentacles baby octopus costume by InCharacter is a very detailed three piece purple octopus costume that includes a jumpsuit, hood and booties. The jumpsuit is zippered for easy dressing and has snaps along the inseam for quick diaper changes. The darker purple circles of the material mimic the natural pattern of an octopus. The matching slip on booties are skid resistant and designed for indoor use only, so if your little walker is going out for trick-or-treating it is best to swap for a pair of outdoor shoes. The headpiece secures under the chin and has two big cartoon-like eyes that make the costume extra adorable.

Available for babies and toddlers in Small (6-12 months, Weight: 16-23 lbs, Height: 26-29.5″), Medium (12-18 months, Weight:23-27lbs, Height:29.5-32″) and Large (18 months-2T, Weight:27-30lbs, Height:32-34″).

How to Make Baby Octopus Halloween Costumes

If you’d like to make your child’s octopus Halloween costume yourself then here are some DIY tutorials for inspiration:

  • DIY Toddler & Baby Octupus Costume: Make an octopus costume for your infant using a onesie, old shirt and matching polka dotted socks.
  • Homemade Baby Octopus Costume: Create an infant octopus costume from a blue onesie, blue pants and make a tentacle belt using a men’s t-shirt.
  • Crazy Octopus Costume DIY: Make a colorful octopus costume for your tot using three pairs of colorful socks with different designs, a pair of tights and buttons or rivets for the suction cups on the tentacles.

Featured Image: Tiny Tentacles Baby Octopus Costume from Amazon

Updated: May 13, 2015


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