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Dora and Boots Halloween Costumes

Dora and Boots Halloween Costumes

Dora and Boots Halloween costumes are a wonderful idea for kids who love the tv show Dora the Explorer.

As a parent of a Dora loving child you’ve probably seen all the episodes and know all the character’s names. You know all the words to the theme song and whenever your child accomplishes something you both break out into the “We Did It” song.

Some days you make feel like a Dora fan and other days watching Dora repeatedly may drive you to the brink of mental instability. Regardless, your child will be thrilled to dress up as Dora or Boots for Halloween.

Come on vámanos, everybody let’s go. Come let’s get to it, I know that we can do it!

Dora the Explorer Halloween Costumes for Kids

Dora The Explorer Halloween Costume for Kids

Hola! Soy Dora! The four piece Dora the Explorer Halloween costume is an officially licensed costume. Included are a pink shirt, orange shorts, white shoe covers with yellow sock tops and a shiny purple Backpack. It doesn’t look like Map is included so you may want to scroll up a piece of paper to put in the side pocket.

The kids Dora the Explorer Costume with Backpack comes in three sizes: Toddler (Height: 35-39″ Waist: 22-24″), Small (Height: 44-48″ Waist: 25-26″) and Medium (Height: 50-54″ Waist: 27-30″).

To complete the look you can either style your child’s hair to look like Dora’s or you can buy a ready-made Dora the Explorer wig. Based on customer reviews this wig may be a little big on smaller kids.

A cute idea for trick-or-treating is to coordinate costumes with a sibling or friend. If one child is going as Dora then another should go as Boots the Monkey or Swiper the Fox. Alternatively your little Dora could hold a Boots or Swiper plush animal.

Boots the Monkey Halloween Costume for Toddlers

‘Dora The Explorer’ Boots Halloween Costume for Kids

Call me Mr. Riddles! Boots the Monkey, Dora’s loyal and fun-loving sidekick, is available as an officially licensed Halloween costume for babies and toddlers. The two-piece romper style costume is easy to put on and has snaps along the inseam for quick diaper changes. The blue jumpsuit has a yellow belly, attached tail and the finishes with attached red boot covers. The character headpiece secures under the chin and Boots’ head rests on top of your child’s head.

The ‘Dora the Explorer’ Boots Halloween Costume is available in Newborn (0 – 6 months), Infant (6 – 12 months) and Toddler (Height: 35-39″ Waist: 22-24″).

Coordinate with a pal dressed up as Dora the Explorer or carry a Dora doll. Don’t forget to bring along Boots’ favorite food: Bananas!

Make Your Own Dora and Boots Halloween Costumes

Instead of buying a ready made costume you could always try making Dora and Boots Halloween costumes for your child.

DIY Dora The Explorer Costume for Kids:

Making your own Dora costume isn’t too difficult. Buy your child a pair of orange shorts, a pink shirt and a pair of yellow socks. If your child’s hair sort of looks like Dora’s then you can try styling it like hers, otherwise you can just put it up into a pony tail.

The one essential part of the costume that may be challenging is Backpack. You can either buy Dora’s Backpack or make one. Here are two tutorials to help create Backpack:

DIY Boots the Monkey Halloween Costume:

Boots is definitely more challenging to make. One option is to buy your child blue pants and a blue shirt. Buy some yellow felt, cut it into an oval and sew it onto the shirt for Boots’ belly.

Creating the tail, ears and hair is the hard part. For the tail you’ll want to sew blue fabric into a tube shape. Cap it with yellow fabric at the end and stuff it with your filler of choice. It may be a good idea to run some gardening wire through the tail so you can curve it the way Boots’ tail is curved.

You can do something similar for the ears and tufts of hair and attach them to a hat. Paint your child’s face with pink Halloween make-up to finish the look.

Another option is to base the Boots costume off a pattern like this Mom did. The finished costume looks really cute.

Featured Image:  Dora and Boots poster from Amazon.

Updated: May 9, 2015

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