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Halloween Colors and Their Meaning

Halloween Colors and Their Meaning

Halloween is a vibrant celebration that blends imagination, creativity and mysticism. The Halloween colors and their meaning reflect this dynamic.

Traditionally orange and black were the two colors associated with Halloween and together they have a yin/yang type of relationship.

But there are also several other colors that have become an important part of All Hallow’s Eve including white, red, purple and green.

The Meaning Behind the Halloween Colors

Black – The Color of Darkness and Death

death cloaked creatureBlack is the color of death and Halloween is a time when the veil between the spirit world and the living is thin.

Historically the Celts and Druids celebrated Samhain and welcomed the spirits of their ancestors.

At the same time of year in Mexico they celebrate Dia de Muertos, the Day of the Dead.

Halloween is celebrated at night so naturally it’s associated with the color black. There are many black creatures and items associated with All Hallow’s Eve as well: black cats, spiders, bats, witches, the Grim Reaper, a vampire’s cape and cauldrons to name a few.

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Orange – The Vibration of Life

Orange Halloween MeaningOrange is the polar opposite of black. It is a lively color that celebrates life and the bounty of the Autumn harvest.

Orange is the color of fire cutting through the darkness of night. Orange is warm and positive.

Many leaves turn orange during Fall and pumpkins and jack o’lanterns, popular Halloween symbols, are also orange.

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Red – The Color of Blood

Red Blood Halloween ColorRed is another color that is often associated with Halloween, especially now with the current popularity of vampires.

Red blood is seen dripping from vampire lips and the victim’s throat. Or it could be a bottle of True Blood.

Blood is a key ingredient in witch’s potions and voodoo magic. A Devil’s contract is typically sealed with blood.

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White – A Ghastly Color

White - Halloween Colors and MeaningAlthough white is typically associated with purity and light, on Halloween it takes on a more sinister role.

White is the color of bone peeking out from a shallow grave. White is the color of the ghosts that go bump in the night.

White is the color of moonlight glinting off a werewolf’s tooth. White is the color of lightening flashing through the sky. It’s also the color of the mad scientist’s lab coat.

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Purple – A Witches Brew

Purple Witch Halloween ColorsPurple has recently become a popular Halloween color representing the supernatural and all things mystical.

Purple is the color of the seventh chakra which represents the third eye and clairvoyance.

The color purple is often associated with witches. Throughout history witches have been depicted all dressed in black but in modern times you will often find witch costumes with purple and black stripes.

Witch hats may be solid purple or have a purple brim and sometimes witches have purple streaks through their hair as well as purple eye shadow and lipstick.

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Green – Monsters and Slime

Eerie green light HalloweenAlthough not a traditional Halloween color green has certainly earned its place among all things spooky and scary.

Goblins and monsters are often green. So is alien blood. Green is the color of slime and sometimes ghostly ectoplasm is green.

Green is the color of glow-in-the-dark objects used for Halloween decorations. Green is also the color of demon eyes.

An eerie green mist is a frightening phenomenon that lets you know somehow everything is wrong.

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Featured Image: Dark Glowing Pumpkins, Public Domain Image from Pixabay

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